With so many things to remember when performing your final mix-down, it can sometimes feel like you’re spinning plates.

studio-14-boostLuckily, there are a few principles you can abide by to get the most out of your mix-down process. Follow these ten tips from Mo to help keep things in check….

From: tutsplus

The tips here can apply to various DAWs and plug-ins including Logic Pro 8, Ableton Live, Cubase 4 and Reason 4.



“How can we help you today?”

In today’s connected world of smartphones, tablet P.C.s, and mobile Internet, it has never been more important for SMEs, municipalities and private ventures to engage with their target audiences through multiple channels. In order to deliver a successful solution, it’s no longer enough to choose the right platform, but one must also choose the right team to tailor the solution to your unique needs. At Mello Studio, we leverage the best combination of solutions to bring you the right tools to market your products even while your listeners are on hold.


Why Use this Service?

Because it is your first line of defence when callers are calling your company. The image of you as a professional business is critical to your callers – and that’s what we do best! Our team will work with you to understand what the nature of your business first and foremost, and then tailor a customized solution for your callers that walks them through the entire menu in a very quick and innovative way.

Do you have certain products to sell to your clients, but don’t want to directly bother them with it? Have it as a standard On-Hold message on your system so that whenever someone is on hold, they are told about this service or product.


Why Professional Studios Matter?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that the democratisation of music production, much of which is down to the affordability of computers and music software, has had a serious impact on the professional studio market, forcing down rates and causing many studios to close. These days it costs more to hire a plumber than a decent studio,…