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Having to record an interview in high quality audio? Need a team of experienced field recording artists? Give us a call..

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Looking for a complete IVR package? Ours is the most sought after on the island!

Voice Overs

Pick the right voice that represents your brand, and your products.

Crafting unique sounds

Think of sound design as the alchemy of sound, the art of mixing and matching the sounds together to come up with a unique and distinguishable sound. Think of how a UFO sounds like, or how a huge devilish-looking monster would talk or growl.

This is a very challenging task as we not only have to understand what the director wants and invisions, but we have to be creative in coming up with the right mixture of sounds from all kinds of elements. Anything that makes a sound, CAN be used!

It’s very tricky, and of course VERY time consuming, to do sound design. But we at mellostudio have taken on this challenge a number of times, and have delivered to the client’s needs.

What our clients say

What did our wonderful clients say about using our Original Composition services?

  • “We’ve been working with Mellostudio since 2007. Our experience with the studio has always been quality, creative, and fast. These are all the components that will make any project a success from beginning to end. We’ve grown close to Mellostudio and we use them exclusively for the production of any sound, music, or even voice over recording. Their sound is world class, and they use the latest technologies. We definitely recommend Mellostudio to any creative company that needs to add that unique sound onto any project.”

    Muharraqi Studios
    Khalid Muharraqi Founder & Director
  • “I’ve worked with Hashim on several projects and within different capacities, each time I had an excellent working experience with him. He brings great energy and knowledge to the table and contributes positively to the projects he works on. As part of my work with Elham, Hashim helped record, mix and produce two music compilation records, both of which were of the highest sound quality. His studio is well equipped and is a lovely, friendly place to be in. His work attitude is very down-to-earth which makes it very easy for anyone to work with him, exchange ideas with and engage creatively. All in all, certainly one of the best studio producers in Bahrain that I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

    Ali Al Saeed
    Writer & Founder of Elham
  • “Working with Mellostudio on this video shoot project, even though we never met the man behind the company, i found him extremely reliable. When i needed anything at any time, he was on the case and able to deliver promptly. As a Producer working in the conditions we do, I was very pleased with his service and WILL recommend him to anyone who needs productions services in Bahrain. “

    Mavad UK.
  • “We have been working with Mello Studio for well over 6 years now and have constantly received quality voiceovers and music compositions, delivered to us in tight deadlines. The work offered by Mello Studio in their various services is an integral part of our success story and we at WMP are looking forward towards many fruitful years of cooperation between both our companies.”

    Hamad Abdulla Al-Wa’ad Media Production
    Managing Director
  • “As an English Producer abroad I was tasked with finding and recording a large number of local Arabic voices. Mello Studios helped to source and book the artists, recorded them and edited the results. For a non speaking Arabic person in Bahrain this was an invaluable service and one that I would thoroughly recommend.”

    Peter Key from Peter Key Sound Design and Production

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