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Age Range: Adult Female.
Styles: Informative, Friendly, Corporate, Acting, IVR.
Accents: Australian English.


Age Range: 20′-30’s Bahraini Female Voice
Styles: Conversational, Lively, Friendly, Youthful
Accents: Bahraini Arabic, American English, Characters

Sarah L

Age Range: child-20’s Sensual Voice
Styles: Clear, Fresh, Vibrant, Youthful
Accents: RP, Cockney, London
British English Female


Age Range: 30’s Smooth Italian Voice
Styles: Positive, Contemporary, Assured
Accents: Italian
Italian Female


Age Range: 30’s Latin American Spanish Voice
Styles: Lively, Friendly, Light, Upbeat
Accents: Dominican Republic (native), Neutral Spanish Latin American
Spanish Female


Age: 20s-40s Dutch Female Voice Actress
Style: Reliable, Evident, Authoritative
Accents: Dutch


Age: 20s-40s Dutch Female Voice Actress
Style: Reliable, Evident, Authoritative
Accents: Dutch Female


Age Range: 50’s. Warm and Upbeat Voice
Styles: Smooth, Sultry, Sexy, Energetic, Mellow
Accents: RP, British English Female


Age Range: 20’s – 40’s. Slightly Northern Voice
Styles: Lively, Clear, Educated, Natural, Relaxed
Accents: RP with slight North West accent mixed with Asian roots, British English Female


Age Range: 30’s Delightful Scottish Voice
Styles: Clear, Light, Natural, Smooth, Playful
Accents: Scottish


Age Range: 40’s Professional Voice
Styles: Assured, Personable, Warm, Sincere
Accents: RP, French, German, British English Female


Age Range: 50’s. Former Sky News TV Presenter
Styles: Natural, Elegant, Sophisticated, Warm, Clear
Accents: RP, Northern, British English Female


Age Range: 20’s-60’s. Smooth with a slight huskiness
Styles: Clear, Light, Educated, Natural, Elegant
Accents: RP, English accents, cartoon voices, British English Female

Stephanie G

Age Range: 30’s Versatile Voice
Styles: Warm, Husky, Distinctive
Accents: RP, Characters, French, Italian, Spanish


Age Range: 20’s Upbeat Voice
Styles: Upbeat, Contemporary, Bright, Cool
Accents: RP, London, Characters


Age Range: 30s Bright Voice
Styles: Light, Clear, Crisp, Fresh, Upbeat
Accents: RP, Neutral, Home Counties, London


Age Range: 20’s Warm Northern Irish Voice
Styles: Versatile, Sensual, Friendly, Alluring, Smooth
Accents: Northern Ireland.

Karen B

Age Range: 40’s Warm Female Voice
Styles: Bright, Friendly, Engaging, Funny
Accents: RP, Characters, British English