Age Range: 40’s Professional Voice
Styles: Assured, Personable, Warm, Sincere
Accents: RP, French, German, British English Female


Age Range: 50’s Soft Welsh Voice
Styles: Warm, Rich, Clear, Smooth, Relaxed, Natural
Accents: Broad Welsh to Slight Welsh, British Male Voice

Peter O

Age Range: 50’s The Voice of BBC1 TV Continuity
Styles: Confident, Smooth, Rich, Warm, Distinctive
Accents: RP, West Country, Deep South America, British Male Voice


Age Range: 40’s Deep Warm Voice
Styles: Warm, Rough, Pleasing, Rich and Engaging
Accents: London, RP, American, New York, Cockney, West Country, Yorkshire, characters, British Male Voice

Chris H

Age Range: 30’s. Big Bold Voice with Punch
Styles: Friendly, Confident, Energetic, Persuasive
Accents: Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Shropshire, British English Male


Age Range: Versatile Deep Male Voice 50s
Styles: Confident, Deep, Menacing, Friendly
Accents: RP, South London, British Male Voice