Age Range: 30’s Versatile Latin American Spanish Voice
Styles: Conversational, Warm, Friendly, Engaging, Natural
Accents: Neutral Latin American Spanish, Colombian, Mexican (native), Peruvian, Characters


Age Range: 40’s Warm German Voice
Styles: Dramatic, Upbeat, Urbane, Punchy, Friendly
Accents: Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, East Germany, Austria, Hochdeutsch and English with a German accent.

Matt C

Age Range: 20’s Young Australian Voice
Styles: Upbeat, Cool, Versatile, Characters
Accents: Australian (native), English, American Male

Mark A

Age Range: 30’s Versatile South African Voice
Styles: Resonant, Rich, Warm, Smooth, Expressive
Accents: South African, Afrkaans, Mid-Atlantic, North American, Canadian, German, Austrian, Australian, Turkish, Pan-African, East Indian, Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, British, Scottish, Irish, Haitian, French, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, Belgian, Eastern European, Caribbean, Jamaican, Sierra Leone

Jose F

Age Range: 30’s Deep Portuguese Voice
Styles: Conversational, Friendly, Warm, Believable
Accents: Portuguese, Spanish, English with a Portuguese accent


Age Range: 20’s – 70’s Versatile Australian Voice
Styles: Deep, Rich, Powerful, Characters
Accents: Australian, American, South African Female


Age Range: 40’s Versatile Italian Voice
Styles: Rich, Powerful, Warm, Characters, Deep
Accents: Italian, English with a mild or strong Italian
accent, Roman, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Tuscanian, Sardinian, Milanese, Italian with German, French, Spanish, Russian, African or Chinese accent