David M

Age Range: 40’s Character Voice
Styles: Authoratative, Friendly, Warm, Deep
Accents: RP, American English, Characters

David L

Age Range: 40s Natural Voice
Styles: Conversational, Warm, Natural
Accents: RP, characters, Voice of God, British Male


Age Range: 20′-30’s Bahraini Female Voice
Styles: Conversational, Lively, Friendly, Youthful
Accents: Bahraini Arabic, American English, Characters


Age Range: 30’s Deep Voice
Styles: Rich, Powerful, Versatile, Serious, Authoritative
Accents: RP, characters, British Male English


Age Range: 20’s Versatile Voice
Styles: Confident, Young, Engaging, Friendly
Accents: West Country, Gloucestershire, Characters, British English


Age Range: 50s Rich Voice
Styles: Assured, Confident, Resonant, Authoratitive
Accents: RP, Characters, Christmas Father

Anthony B

Age Range: 30’s Versatile Voice
Styles: Natural, Honest, Relatable, Rough
Accents: North West (native), Manchester, RP, Yorkshire, London, Midlands, Characters.

Andrew T

Age Range: 30’s Voice
Styles: Warm, Engaging, Informative, Distinctive
Accents: RP, Characters, British English


Age Range: 20’s Versatile Voice
Styles: Versatile, Young, Expressive, Friendly
Accents: RP, Northern, American, Cockney, Scottish, Characters, Mexican, Spanish, Eastern European, Irish


Age Range: 20′-40’s Bulgarian Voice
Styles: Conversational, Lively, Friendly, Youthful
Accents: Bulgarian, English with a Bulgarian accent, Characters


Age Range: 30’s Warm Irish Voice
Styles: Versatile, Natural, Soft, Pleasant
Accents: Northern Irish (native), Southern Irish


Age Range: 40’s Warm American Voice
Styles: Friendly, Rich, Melodic, Comforting
Accents: American


Age Range: 30’s Warm Australian Voice
Styles: Conversational, Friendly, Engaging, Natural
Accents: Australian, Characters


Age Range: 30’s-40’s American Voice
Styles: Bright, Clear, Upbeat, Energetic
Accents: American, Characters


Age Range: 30’s Intimate French Voice
Styles: Crystal Clear, Educated, Natural, Relaxed, Elegant
Accents: French, English with a French accent


Age Range: 30’s Sultry Warm Voice ┘ÉAmerican English Female Voice
Styles: Engaging, Soft, Versatile, Personable
Accents: RP, characters


Age Range: 40’s Engaging Australian Voice
Styles: Expressive, Upbeat, Seductive, Alluring
Accents: Australian, Characters


Age Range: 30s Versatile American Voice
Styles: Rich, Warm, Smooth
Accents: American, Characters


Age Range: 30s to 50s
Styles: Mature, Rich, Deep, Resonant, Gravelly
Accents: Neutral English, South African


Age Range: 20′-30’s Bahraini Female Voice
Styles: Warm, Friendly, Youthful, Trusting
Accents: Khaleeji Arabic, American English, Bahraini