• Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

    Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

  • Bahrain National Charter Monument

Bahrain National Charter Monument

Creating soundscapes and voice animations

Peter Key Productions

NewAngle – UK

The National Charter Monument in Bahrain is a striking new building that contains an impressive exhibition designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates exploring the history, culture and environment of Bahrain.

Mello Studio was commissioned by UK and Danish production companies to arrange for voice over talents to be recorded and edited for use in the various interactive systems across the monument.

A number of reading styles, delivered by an all Bahraini team of artists, accompany beautiful video footage that take the visitor to a journey through the number of civilizations that lived on this island.

Over 20 voice talents were auditioned for this project, and the selected ones have recorded hours of voice over work that you can now enjoy watching. Special thanks to Khawla Al Muhannadi for her endless support during the project, and we like to thank everyone who was a part of this small tribute to our beloved Bahrain.

Mello Studio worked closley with UK companies to help design and create all of the interactive exhibits. They explore the history, culture and environment of Bahrain, through recent history to the present day and into the future. The 57 specially created exhibits feature touchscreens, dials, cameras, capacitors, proximity and light sensors.

The traditional crafts of Bahrain are explored in depth; visitors can rotate a 3D model of a traditional dhow and find out how it was built.

The trading table game is a large, circular projection with four dials, which allow the visitor to steer their own dhow on a journey across four oceans whilst battling storms, pirates and even a giant squid.

The history of the royal family is explored in depth, along with the importance of the National Charter to the lives of Bahrainis.

The pearl industry is explored through games, which allow you to be a pearl diver, to make your own pearl necklace and to become an expert in judging pearl quality. Modern industries are also represented, emphasising the importance of the contribution of the people of Bahrain.

A river of names flows across screens, with information about thousands of Bahrainis who have contributed to the country’s success. Both adults and children can vote for the actions which they believe are most important to the country and see how others voted before them, with the results displayed on a huge video-wall.

Children can add their name onto the digital wall at the end of the exhibition. The people of Bahrain have a voice within the monument where the People Story and Nationbuilders interactives allow the visitor to view oral histories. Or the New Bahrain Projects showcase important projects, which put Bahrain at the heart of the region’s development.

The final section explores the environment of Bahrain, its landscape, animals and plants. You can hold a digital creature in your hand by waving over their habitat. Circular touch tables explore three different environments with video and text.

Children can play snakes and ladders with friendly animated characters and then debate the important environmental issues affecting the country, through animated stories.

Finally 2 exhibits celebrate the Golden Palm project, which showcases Bahraini children’s innovation and creativity.

All of the interactives are presented with dual language choices – Arabic and English, and are fully updatable.

To read more about the project, please visit Newangle’s website here.

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