Professional Field Recording

Having to record an interview in high quality audio? Need a team of experienced field recording artists? Give us a call..

Stand Out

Give your work the right production value it deserves, get in touch with us.


Looking for a complete IVR package? Ours is the most sought after on the island!

Voice Overs

Pick the right voice that represents your brand, and your products.

Crafting unique sounds

Think of sound design as the alchemy of sound, the art of mixing and matching the sounds together to come up with a unique and distinguishable sound. Think of how a UFO sounds like, or how a huge devilish-looking monster would talk or growl.

This is a very challenging task as we not only have to understand what the director wants and invisions, but we have to be creative in coming up with the right mixture of sounds from all kinds of elements. Anything that makes a sound, CAN be used!

It’s very tricky, and of course VERY time consuming, to do sound design. But we at mellostudio have taken on this challenge a number of times, and have delivered to the client’s needs.

What our clients say

What did our wonderful clients say about using our Original Composition services?

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If you have the original recordings of your tracks, and want us to master it, fill out this form and we will send you a link to upload those tracks directly to our studio so we can start working on it right away. 

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