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Full Stem Mixes

Get your music mixed by grammy award mixers! Our basic mixing package includes the mixing of all stems (audio files) in your song, accompanied by one revision. For this service, you should have access to all the audio stems of the original track. 

Two Tracks Stereo Mixes

Discover the best studio headphones for professional audio production and recording, with essential tips and factors to consider. Often, accessing the stems (audio files) of your track might not be possible, yet you still desire a professional mix. Our "Two-Track Mix" is an excellent alternative to the “Full Stem Mix,” offering a budget-friendly solution. Simply provide a stereo file along with the vocal stems instead of all the music stems. This package includes one revision.

Dolby Mixes

You've probably noticed the "Dolby Atmos" badge across playlists on Apple Music, Tidal, and other platforms. Dolby Atmos enhances your music with a richer, more dimensional sound, providing unprecedented depth, clarity, and detail. This mix package is an add-on to a standard stereo mix and includes one revision.


Learn about mixing, the art of crafting expressive soundscapes that evoke emotions and define sonic signatures in music productionMastering represents adjusting the songs's overall sound, ensure consistency throughout the album, and get it ready for distribution.  the last step in audio production, where we refine and enhance the song and make it sound great.

Audio Editing

Editing audio covers: Editing Podcast Shows, Audiobooks, and Dialogue. This includes cleaning up the audio files, adjusting levels as required, and removing any background or unwanted noises. 

Remix & Production

Our 'Remix & Production' service turns your musical idea, whether it's an existing arrangement or a simple vocal recording, into a full production. We handle all instrumental play, mixing, and mastering, delivering a ready-to-release WAV file that's finely tuned to your unique style.