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Our music and sound design is the perfect companion to your video projects.

Catch your listeners attention!

Music, Background sounds, Sound Design, and more!

Corporate Videos, Film, Documentaries, and more…

Give your work the right production value it deserves, with our unique service of original music production.

Sonic Branding

Thinking of creating the perfect music that matches your next product?

Benefits of having your own sonic brand

Using our skills in composing original music scores, we are able to provide you with complete score for your video production. This includes writing musical notation (if needed), composing, recording, editing, andmastering, as well as instrumentation. Original music compositions will enhance the impact of your picture, and improve the dynamics of the flow of your scenes. We can help you achieve your creative goals by:

  • Analyzing and expressing our understanding of the various dramatic scenes

  • Creating a musical concept for various sequences of varying content


  • To learn more about how Mello Studio’s original compositions, please contact us or request a quote.

  • Brand your own products musically

  • Give your work the attention it deserves.

  • Use it to capture your audience attention

  • Stand out among your competitors

Use this service for:

Some examples where you can use our music production services.

  • Theme music for audio and TV production
  • Song production for singers
  • Video game music
  • Film Scoring
  • On Hold Music
  • Radio and TV Advertisements
  • Website audio
  • Production tracks
  • Presentations
  • Showreel
  • Corporate Videos

Examples of our work:

Saudi National Day

Listen to some of our work:

Some of the applications you can use our music composition service for:

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If you have the original recordings of your tracks, and want us to master it, fill out this form and we will send you a link to upload those tracks directly to our studio so we can start working on it right away. 

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