Know this about polar patterns before getting your next mic

In a previous article, we discussed the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones. We learned that while dynamic microphones are more suitable for rough environments, condenser microphones can reproduce crisp and delicate sounds. In this article, we dig deeper into the world of microphones and learn about polar patterns, yet another detail that you should…

Vocal warm ups protect your voice, develop your skills and boost your confidence

Quick Warm-Ups Sound Artists Should Do Every Day

Vocal warm-ups are crucial for sustaining a healthy voice, performing at peak, and building un-shakable confidence.  Sound artists should leverage warm-up exercises to stretch and relax the inner muscles of their larynx. Doing so should make those precious assets always prepared and endurant.  At the very least, you should warm-up before any performance. Ideally, however,…


How to Improve Zoom Communication: 5 Microphone Upgrades to Review

Even when the world moves on from the coronavirus pandemic, our digital transformation will remain. We’ve discovered the convenience and productivity that comes with remote work, and we’re not turning back! That means we all need to get used to using video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Although your computer’s internal microphone can…