Pricing Details for Our Projects

Understanding that each of our clients has distinct requirements, Mello Studio offers bespoke pricing for individual projects. If you’re curious about talent fees, need to prepare a budget, or simply want to understand our pricing structure, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send your inquiry to us via our contact form here, and we’ll swiftly respond with a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

What’s Included

  • Our rates cover voiceover services, editing and mastering, and the delivery of the final audio file(s).
  • For projects requiring multiple languages or a bilingual artist, pricing is calculated per language.
  • We offer complimentary custom auditions.
  • Costs include both the session and usage fees, without regard to the time spent in-studio for recording (we don’t charge hourly rates. In fact, we hate charging hourly rates because it only negatively impacts our clients interests. Therefore, please don’t ask about what our studio hourly rate is).

Additional Services

  • Syncing audio to picture and other in-studio services are available for an extra charge upon request.

Special Considerations

  • Discounts for bulk or long projects and other unique circumstances can be discussed during the negotiation phase.

Revisions and Cancellations

  • Revisions or ‘Recall’ sessions will incur an additional cost, equivalent to 50% of the original session fee, and must be limited to minor changes in the script—new material is not included.
  • Cancellation fees apply for sessions called off with less than 12 hours’ notice.

For any further questions or to get a customized quote, please contact us here. We’re always eager to assist you with your audio production needs.

What’s Our Workflow?

Complimentary Casting Assistance

If you’re uncertain about the ideal voice for your project, don’t sweat it. Just fill us in on your preferences—whether it’s gender, tone, or style—and supply us with a script. We will deliver curated auditions from suitable talents straight to your inbox within three hours or less. You’ll get these auditions in an easily shareable format, perfect for consultations with your team or clients. Throughout this phase, we’ll also offer expert advice on the capabilities of our voiceover artists to ensure you make an informed decision. 

Session Confirmation & Studio Coordination

After you’ve selected the voice that aligns with your vision, the next step is to lock in a recording date. This is the stage to also check the availability of the talent and yourself to make sure you both attend the session if a remote recording session is required. 

Finalizing Project Details & Starting The Session

Once the session date is set, we’ll iron out all particulars, including the project scope and rates. Should you require the talent to sign any contracts or documentation, please provide these in advance for pre-session signatures. We then start the session and make sure that everything goes well in accordance with the requirements. Once the session is over, we immediately start editing the files, master them, and deliver them to you via our secure file transfer service. 

Invoicing and Completion

Upon wrapping up the session, your project will move to the invoicing stage. You’ll receive a detailed invoice via email. If your organization uses Purchase Orders, please email those details at your earliest convenience for accurate invoicing.

And just like that, your project is a wrap! Feel free to reach out for any of your future audio production needs.