About the Talent

Age Range: 30s Versatile American Voice
Styles: Rich, Warm, Smooth
Accents: American, Characters


Amanda’s voiceover clients include AT&T, SAS, Humana, Sandals Resorts, Walgreens, PBS, American Museum of Natural History, NASA, Botox, Chevron, American General, Minute Maid, Coca-Cola, Halliburton, United Way, Microsoft, Conoco Philips, H&R Block, Hardee’s, Sonic, Subway, Ford, US Fish & Wildlife, Embraer, Solvay, Texaco, Xerox, Reliant, Veritas, Schlumberger, HP, TYCO, Shell, Rockwell, Weather Kind, Mary Kay, Kirby Paint, Beauty Control and Exxon.



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