Guardians of Valor Game Music

Complete Audio Production



Empire Studios – Kingdom of Bahrain

Complete Audio Production (Original Music Composition, Designing Sound Effects, Voice Over Production)

Game Website:

Our first audio production release for a video game! We were commissioned to create the entire audio production for this fantastic and epic tower defense game! We have created the original sound track, designed all the sound effects for the game, and produced all the voice over actors.

Guardians of Valor is a mobile tower defense game spanning twenty-four levels with four chapters and several different themes. The inspiration for the fantasy setting came from ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia, and centers around Djinn. In Arabian lore, Djinn, are a race of supernaturally empowered beings with the ability to intervene in the affairs of people. The story tells of an ancient Djinn Lord who is attempting to come back to the world of Aravia after several millennia, in a time where his legend has long been forgotten. The game begins with Djinn driving local people mad and forcing them to attack each other until legions of current-day Djinn break into this world and try to claim it.