About the Talent

John’s voice is deep, rich baritone. Warm and friendly, but also resonant and authoritative.

Some of his client include:
US Marines (https://youtu.be/BRMaL2KzM2c)
Ducati (https://youtu.be/D4A-N-vUR-g)
United Health Group  (https://youtu.be/CxA-82q-cqk)
Aqua Carpatica (https://vimeo.com/229953924)
Arthritis Foundation (https://youtu.be/M9xnEHvk1Lw)
New York Life (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3cKbsNb_eU)
Oakley (https://youtu.be/Lo4v7kMv06o)
Linfield Christian School (https://youtu.be/i6mWk3FUPhg)


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