About the Talent

Keneth possesses a versatile and rich voice that is perfect for a wide range of voice-over projects. With his wealth of experience, he can tailor his pace, style, tone, modulation, and emotion to suit the specific requirements of each project.

He is well-suited to work on various voice-over projects, from e-learning courses and audiobooks to corporate voice-overs, TV promos, TV and radio IDs, documentaries, infomercials, commercial advertisements, phone IVR systems, and more.

His voice styles are numerous and varied, including confident, upbeat, excited, energetic, hard-sell, fun, dynamic, authentic, authoritative, narrator, conversational, friendly, calm, informative, educational, natural, engaging, casual, youthful, guy-next-door, articulate, serious, reassuring, sarcastic, persuasive, and versatile.

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