About the Talent

Robby’s voice is warm, mid-range, and I have a very natural reading style.

I’ve been active in the voiceover industry for many years, including five years as a voice consultant for a branding agency; helping household name brands such as McLaren, Samsung, McDonalds and Sandals find the right tone for their media and advertising projects. This has given me valuable insight into which qualities people want to hear in a voice recording.

I’ve worked across eLearning, corporate, branding and advertising both in front and behind the mic, and I am also an accomplished music writer and producer; from my studio I’ve spent many years creating music for artists, TV, radio and web alongside the voice work.

Some of his client include:

Vodafone (https://vimeo.com/391221033 )
Sideways 6 (https://vimeo.com/391957609)


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