About the Talent

Traci is a voice actress who has been voice acting for around 10 years. She has performed in high school theatres as side characters and participated in fandubbing the anime “Lovely Complex” by performing the main character “Risa”, a feisty and goofy high schooler who suffers from height insecurities and often buts heads with Otani Astushii.

She is currently in production with other studios to voice a wide variety of roles, including:

Undyne [strong and stoic fish monster who proudly serves her people and is unafraid to make sacrifices for the greater good, main character, vocalist].

Muffet [creepy spider monster who lives to make money, side character, vocalist]

The Muses Mire; Milly [youthful sixth-grade reporter that is full of charisma; side character] Mrs. Hertz [stern elderly science teacher, side character]

Code Lyoko: The Garage Kids; Alex – Project SWTF; Sasha [Shooty’s friend who encourages a bit of trouble, main side character]

Swell Street Bunch; and Askarie [young male son of the main protagonist, main side character, timid and whiny and a bit of a crier]

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