About the Talent

Troy has been working as a multimedia production professional for 29 years and still has a passion to work at it and learn and grow.

He has worn so many hats over the years: video editor, graphic designer, videographer, producer, director, writer, audio guy, voice over artist and production assistant.

Beyond his technical skills he has the ability to work with a team, a single producer or independently handle producing and creative direction. A patient person and his personality uniquely suited to focusing on detail oriented tasks or seeing an empty canvas and broad stroking until something works.


Service Description

Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Compressor, Sound Track Pro, Audacity and various compression tools for digital file delivery.

Troy has with literally hundreds of clients in the broadcast and corporate field. From marketing material to non-profit motivator show pieces to retail hard sell to feel good soft sell. From teen targeted career orientation material to comical animated middle school educational material. From industrial training videos to healthcare CD-ROM video splashes. From website design to print and broadcast graphic design. From podcast episodic production to YouTube site development.

The diversity of projects and material has made him able to communicate with clients and address their needs better than someone with much less experience.



Voice Acting
Video Editing
Various Accents
Technical Skills