About the Talent

Age: 20s-40s Dutch Female Voice Actress
Style: Reliable, Evident, Authoritative
Accents: Dutch

Jolanda is a professional Dutch female professional voiceover / voice actress. Since that time she has recorded a lot of productions, dubbing, commercials, telephone systems, jingles, promo’s, navigation-systems, games, corporate movies and more.

Her voice was used for all kinds of projects. such as Adobe, Google Adwords, Fly Emirates, Kelloggs, Corendon, Stressles, Fenistil, Roompot vakantieparken, C&A, RyanAir, Sanoma, Schiphol, Rabo-bank, the Dutch government, several municipalities, the Dutch academy for firefighters, and much more.

Because Jolanda is also a voice actress, her voice can vary in different ages. Often her voice is used for productions that should sound reliable and evident, sometimes also with authority. But I can also sound like the girl next door.


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