A creative and professional Bahraini audio production and technology house, specializing in crafting original musical melodies to make your production stand out, and programming the right application for your business needs. From original music compositions, voice over services, and sound design, to mobile applications or online/offline services. If it’s a project that requires a creative touch, and the right technical background, we’re more than happy to roll up our sleeves and start working on it!

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If it’s a project that requires creative thinking, catchy music, innovative sound design, or some programming skills for web, mobile, or custom apps, we are commissioned to do it.

Our services

Original Music Composition

We are committed to delivering outstanding quality products and/or services. Our original music composition service allows you to create the right musical elements to give your video production the production value it deserves.

Recording & Editing

Have you thought of an outdoor interview that you wanted to record in high quality, without all the unwanted noise? What about bringing a number of musicians into the studio to record that well over-due song? We work with you to make that happen!


Give that kick drum the punch it deserves, clean up the unwanted frequencies, make sure the song sounds just right on all kinds of speakers, or re-arrange your tracks all together. We do all of that during the Mastering stage.

Programming & Coding

Mobile Applications, simple or sophisticated online/offline applications, creating eye-catching website, or just planning out how your development should be, we’re here to help. From sketching the idea on paper, to creating the first prototype, with our deep understanding in the ever changing field of technology, you will surely be satisfied with the end results.

We are good at

We’re creatives, and we’re different. Our skills cover the musical spectrum as well as the digital and coding world..

Voice Overs 100%
Music Composition 90%
Sound Design 95%
Recording 85%
Coding 90%

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